I Won the Tupelo Quarterly Prose Open Prize!

It’s simply miraculous that anyone would sit and even read a story I’ve written, much less think it’s worthy of a prize. That’s what happened this month, and I’m so grateful and humbled. Thanks to judge Samuel Kọ́láwọlé who had these nice words to say about my story “America the Beautiful”: “America the Beautiful” is moreContinue reading “I Won the Tupelo Quarterly Prose Open Prize!”

In Loving Memory: Candice Y. Hamilton

My friend Candice Hamilton died of Multiple Sclerosis last May, but I just found out two days ago. I knew that her health had taken a major downward turn in the last year or so. She’d had to move back in with her parents after all these years of independence. I checked in on herContinue reading “In Loving Memory: Candice Y. Hamilton”