I Won the Tupelo Quarterly Prose Open Prize!

It’s simply miraculous that anyone would sit and even read a story I’ve written, much less think it’s worthy of a prize. That’s what happened this month, and I’m so grateful and humbled. Thanks to judge Samuel Kọ́láwọlé who had these nice words to say about my story “America the Beautiful”:

“America the Beautiful” is more than a story of the unraveling of a relationship. In crisp, restrained writing, the writer captures the dreams, desires, and disappointments of a character searching for a better life. In recounting the character’s journey from Ghana to the United States, the writer offers us well-wrought scenes and a seamless movement through time. The protagonist is believable and well-realized. This powerful narrative grapples with the notion of home and what it means to be African in the United States. 

Eeeeeeeee! Now on to my other ongoing writing projects. More soon . . .

Published by Gail Upchurch

Originally from the south side of Chicago, Gail currently lives in Maryland with three kiddos and a hubs. She writes young adult and adult fiction and has been known to go overboard with the cheesy snacks. She's got a lot of pet peeves, but the biggest one of all are jeans that cut off her circulation. Not a fun situation. When she's not writing stories and talking to the characters that live in her head, Gail teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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