I’m Up Late again. Arghh!

So yes, it’s 11:00, which for some folks isn’t that late. For me, it’s hella late, especially since I need to get up in five hours. My brain is absolutely stuffed with anxiety. Brimming! I’m eating a sleeve (the whole goddamned thing) of Girls Scouts Thin Mints, typing away. For all ya’ll night owls outContinue reading “I’m Up Late again. Arghh!”

I Can Do Anything! Well, Sorta

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish that you believed everything that came out of your face? Like just this morning I ran off at least three affirmations: “I’m winning.” “I can do everything I set out to do.”  “I’m cute” (which I throw in there sometimes).  Stuff like that.  I mean, IContinue reading “I Can Do Anything! Well, Sorta”