A Lesson in Avoidance

Welp, here I am, folks. In Maryland. Starting over. Again. Can I just set aside a little portion of this post to vent about what a difficult a time I’m having with moving–change in general, really. I’m a “get situated and chill” kind of girl. So, that’s what I was doing. Wrecking it at a community college, all types of effective in the classroom, getting raises and whatnot, and then, well, I made the decision to move with my family.

Okay so I’m done with venting. Now on to the avoiding. To get my mind off of how tremendously hard this move has been I’ve decided to dedicate the next few posts to reviewing good films and television. Stay tuned . . . I’ll try to be funny.

Published by Gail Upchurch

Originally from the south side of Chicago, Gail currently lives in Maryland with three kiddos and a hubs. She writes young adult and adult fiction and has been known to go overboard with the cheesy snacks. She's got a lot of pet peeves, but the biggest one of all are jeans that cut off her circulation. Not a fun situation. When she's not writing stories and talking to the characters that live in her head, Gail teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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